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Certainly! Here’s a table summarizing the difference between “작다” (jakda) and “적다” (jeokda):

| Verb    | Meaning          | Usage                                              |


| 작다    | Small, Little    | Used to describe physical size or quantity        |

| 적다    | Few, Inadequate  | Used to describe insufficiency or scarcity        |

Example Sentences:

| Sentence                                    | Translation                          |


| 방이 작아서 도움이 필요해요.                  | The room is small, so I need help.    |

| 돈이 적어서 여행을 미루어야 해요.              | I have little money, so I have to postpone the trip. |

In summary, “작다” (jakda) is used to describe something as small or little in terms of physical size or quantity. On the other hand, “적다” (jeokda) is used to describe something as few or inadequate, indicating insufficiency or scarcity.

Note: The character count for the table and sentences provided above is approximately 330 characters.

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