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Certainly! Here’s an example of adding formality levels to the phrases:

– Hello (안녕하세요): Annyeonghaseyo [Formal]
– Hello (안녕): Annyeong [Informal]

– Thank you (감사합니다): Gamsahamnida [Formal]
– Thank you (고마워): Gomawo [Informal]

– Goodbye (안녕히 계세요): Annyeonghi gyeseyo [Formal]
– Goodbye (잘 가): Jal ga [Informal]

– How are you? (어떻게 지내세요): Eotteoke jinaeseyo? [Formal]
– How are you? (어떻게 지내): Eotteoke jinae? [Informal]

In this format, the formal and informal versions of the phrases are indicated within brackets. This allows learners to differentiate between the appropriate usage of phrases based on the formality level.

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